Graphics Alive 2


Without graphics we have no identities, no signage… nor interactive design. Graphics help us make sense of the world.” – Ashley Thompson, former senior designer at SHH London

In Graphics Alive 2, art and design publisher Victionary continues the visual exploration of everyday interactions between people and graphic art/illustrations documented in the book’s precursor, Graphics Alive. As designers, we render the abstract concrete, creating images and objects intended to resonate with the viewer, communicate a series of objectives, and ultimately, elicit a reaction. From the ads we see in magazines to the careful thought and planning that goes into crafting everyday objects, design has proven to be a fundamental driving force in shaping the relationship between humans and their environment, making our world more functional and more fun in equal measure. Through vivid and beautiful imagery, this book invites readers to ponder the complex role graphic art and design objects have played in the development of global culture. We’re definitely inspired.

You can find out how to purchase book and so many other cool books here.

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