Ron Miller used this view of the moon over Death Valley, California, as the basis for his images.


The former NASA art director imagined how Neptune would look from earth if it was the same distance away as the moon.


Saturn and its rings would cover almost 18 degrees of the night sky, according to Mr Miller’s calculations.


Uranus would look a similar size to Neptune.


Venus is only slighter smaller than earth so would appear around the same size as our planet does from the moon.


The diameter of Jupiter is 40 times that of the moon and it would dominate the night sky if it were in the same position.


Ron Miller is a conceptual space artist and former art director at the National Air & Space Museum. He came up with this series of illustrations that shows us what the night sky would look like if the moon was replaced by the other planets in the solar system. “The main liberty I took was to ignore the effect on Earth of having a very large planet nearby,” Miller says. “In the case of Jupiter, for instance, this would be devastating.” (via Fast Company)

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