Are you working to many hours? Feel like your falling asleep because it’s been 10 hours and you’re still fixing shadows in photoshop? Well, go ahead and take a nap! With all these cool sleeping arsenals at your side, falling asleep will be as easy as cmd+opt+eject. Starting with the Ostrich, this nifty head-wrap-pillow creates an enclosed sleeping paradise for one, and feel free to take a look at your phone in privacy as well! Previously posted on our blog, this item is a must for any traveling designer.

Next is the Verbandkammer, an all in one study-sleep-study-work fortress made to keep you close to what you need most, all the time. Featuring steps, shelves, desks, meeting areas, and even pull out sleep quarters, this thing is a beast. And if this Verbandkammer is too big for your taste, you can always slim down to a 1.6 SM, a compact desk boasting 17 square feet of wiggle room, hidden sleeping quarters, and a sleek design.

Lastly, if you ever just want to cocoon yourself in your own little introvert-universe, the Hush is the perfect beanbag-chair-cocoon to dwell in your own thoughts for a while. (via Architizer)

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