Photographer Haley Morris has decided to take a different step in combatting bullying against obesity. Instead of confronting her onlookers and observers she notions for her assistant to take photographs of them in the act, thus revealing a series she titles “Wait Watchers”.

Morris explains one of the situations from her point of view stating “In my peripheral vision, I saw a teen girl waiting for the signal to cross the street. As I stood there, eating my ice cream, I heard a repetitive “SLAP, SLAP, SLAP” of a hand on skin. I signaled to my assistant to shoot. It was only when I returned home to Memphis and got the film developed that I realized the sound was the girl hitting her belly as she watched me eat. She did this over and over. I have five frames of her with various facial expressions. I called the resulting image Gelato.” (cover image)

To see more of Morris’ work you can visit her site here, or to read more about the series you can read her post in Salon.

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