Artist Zhang Xiangxi creates these amazing miniature dioramas inside of old TVs. The amount of detail and realism within each piece is incredible, from the brick walling, to the minuscule tools inside of his studio. The interiors of each TV are locations that played roles in Xiangxi’s life, like his parents sitting room, and even his very own miniature tv studio! Talk about inception. “I like to closely observe daily life and work out how to make things,” he says. Xiangxi begun creating these dioramas while studying sculpture at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art. His work toured his home country last year and has brought the 33-year-old artist a degree of fame oversees, and he will exhibit as part of a collective of Chinese artists in Bangkok in May as well as showing four works at the upcoming 55th Biennale di Venezia. (via nowness)

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