Camera Obscura is a type of photography that involves covering all the windows in a room to make it pitch black, then creating a tiny pin sized hole to allow light in through a window that will then be captured onto a camera over a period of about 8 hours. The process is long and extensive, and the images captured are usually  bad quality and upside down. But photographer Abelardo Morell has made it so he can now take colored images, right side up, and in full brightness and sharpness. “A few years ago, in order to push the visual potential of this process, I began to use color film and positioned a lens over the hole in the window plastic in order to add to the overall sharpness and brightness of the incoming image. Now, I often use a prism to make the projection come in right side up. I have also been able to shorten my exposures considerably thanks to digital technology, which in turn makes it possible to capture more momentary light.” says Morell. And we’re sure glad he figured this out, because we love his camera obscura photographs!

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