When it comes to minimalistic, Apple has it down to a science. Although their photographs portray simplicity and a minimalistic feel, the process of getting them is the exact opposite. Photographer Peter Belanger is renowned for his photos, even though most people wouldn’t know it, they’ve all most likely seen his work. We all know the photo, plain white backdrop, iPad, slight glare across upper right, iPad slightly off centered and tilted, but what we may not know is the complicated and painstaking process of getting those images.

Using multitudes of lights, Peter sets up each shot perfectly, making sure every highlight is where he wants it, every shadow is correct, and no distracting smudges or artifacts are in shot. Peter says he pretends each light is a layer in a photoshop file, thus allowing him to adjust lights without ruining other lighting in his photo. And if you’re wondering what post processing he does, he uses Aperture, Photoshop, Capture One, and xScope to enhance his already amazing photographs. He also shoots mainly with a Phase One digital back with a Sinar X view camera when shooting inside his studio, and a Phase One 645 camera system. Outside the studio or doing handheld work Peter uses his Canon 5D Mark III.
For a video of the process, click here.

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