Life just got a whole lot simpler. A new kickstarter project named “Barman” hopes to implement a new type of cooking appliance into everyones home. Straight out of the Jetsons, the Barman uses a database downloaded to your phone to help you create any drink imaginable. And don’t worry, theres no need to take a bartending class, The Barman uses a differential weighing mechanism, similar to those found in postal offices, to perfectly calculate and pre-warn you when your drink is ready. The Barman glows a soft blue when pouring your ingredient into the cup, but as soon as the required weight is reached, the Barman turns a bright red to warn you to stop pouring and move onto the next ingredient. Those strong at heart however, will ignore the red indicator and continue to pour for an extra dose of 5pm.

The Barman is still in funding and has 4 days to go, although they reached their goal on may 7th, you can still donate $49 to receive your very own Barman.

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