paint and splash2







Everyone remembers arts and crafts time in elementary school, spending all day creating glue covered designs of pets and family members. But artist Fideli Sundqvist never grew out of her elementary days, and loves playing with paper. And she’s really, really, good at it.

Born in Upsalla Sweden, Fideli was brought up in a very artistic and academic environment, her mom being a potter and her father being a religious historian. The artistic climate of her childhood and her great interest in music were the foundations for her career choice. “During one period in my life, I was completely engrossed by album-cover art,” she says. “I particularly remember one cover that was made from a linoleum cut, it was a real eye-opener to discover that art form.” Fideli is inspired by everyday existence. “I think you have to give yourself a varied life, expose yourself to different types of impressions. Mostly, I think it is the work itself that gives birth to new ideas. Desire drives the work forward, as I heard someone say on the radio, and that is so true.” (via Strictly Paper)

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