Born in 1972 to an overly artistic family, which included a photographer, sculpture, and painters, Pierre Carreau was bound to transcend into the world of fine arts. Pierre has always had a strong adoration for the ocean and its raw power. Pierre started his photographic journey taking photos for surf magazines and underwater sports gear. When he later moved to the Caribbean island of St Barth is when he truly found his niche.

AquaViva, a study of the natural shapes and motions of waves has probably become Pierre’s pièce de résistance. It features stunning images of waves paused in time, capturing their raw power as majestic sculptures with awe inspiring tones. Surprisingly, Pierre’s favorite subjects are smaller waves due to a lighter opaqueness and easier color tone management. He also has a number of fine art prints available over at Clic Gallery. (via Colossal)

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